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Personal Finance - Lessons Learnt Late, Too Late, Hopefully Not Too Too Late

Lately, I have been reading about Personal Finance a lot. A lot. My quest started somewhere in April'20 when my brother created a Zerodha account for me. Till then, at 34, I had little knowledge of stock markets. I didn’t know much about the financial instruments that around in the world. Heck, I had learned how credit cards work (and got my first one) only at the age of 32. No wonder, I was an empty cup waiting to be filled with the wisdom of creating wealth and, as importantly, growing it.  Interestingly, what I found along the way was that most people who have been interested in money matters and working towards multiplying it for a long time, even they are unaware of some of the common mistakes and the fundamental principles. That was shocking. At first. Eventually, I realised, in money as in other matters, people learn culturally, seeing what others do, thinking the way others think. They create their own theories. They select the stories that confirm to their narratives. Rar

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