Its offcial now!

Mohit Parikh awared with the Prabhuji Award for the 'Sabse Bada Farzzi'.

G.B. Shaw once said, "It's good to be sincere if you are stupid as well." Well, the four years of my college life have been an attempt to avoid stupidity and hence, in effect, sincerity.
Insincerity alone, of course, does not make one farzzi, let alone 'Sabse Bada Farzzi'. A Farzzi is someone who is unaware of the unimportants(which includes everything when deadline is far), fully aware of the importants(everything when the deadline is just so much near), uninvolved in banal routines and pro-active in emergencies. A farzzi is bold but not audacious, an energy conservist but not dormant, an excellent problem avoider but also an effecient crisis-manager, and basically a performer who prefers cameos only. Farzzi knows the significance(insignificance) of the task-at-hand and thus gives the adequate(minimum) time, brains and efforts to complete it. Farzzi is a wise one and 'Sabse Bada Farzzi', thus, is The Wisest One.

I would like to thank all those who nominated and subsequently voted me as the 'Sabse Bada Farzzi'. It is one of the biggest acknowledements I have got for the four years I have put in mastering this art. I would like to thank my lecturers for their monotonous and goofy babblings which gave the impetus, the system for giving loads of time to think, think and think, the books I read for taking me away from the mediocrity, my hostel rooms where I realised how Big a quality is Farzziwada and mastered it, and of cousre my friends on whom I lived like parasites: they provided me with all the informations, resouces and timely advices. But most of all, I would like to thank myself for showing enormous courage and wisdom and effeciency. There were times when it was all hard and dark...and it did not scare me but only evolved me.
Bravo Mohit! Bravo!

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