Pride and Prejudice

I was swallowing the mess food while watching retelecasts of IPL one afternoon when I got poked.
"Did You see that?" It was the guy sitting next to me.
"Did You see that?", he said pointing to the hot HR couple who had just finished their lunch and were leaving.
"What?", I was expecting some comment on the girl as that is what I generally hear from him. And so turned my attention to the television.
"That! The guy picked up the girl's plate!", he literally exclaimed. I saw his face. It carried an expression which said that something disgusting and very silly had happened at the same time. The guy has had all his schooling in some village in Bihar and being acquainted with him I well knew what he meant, still I put on a garb of innocence and tried to enquire.
"What do you mean so? Will you pick your wife's plate!", he said thinking this would make me understand.
"I might."
"Then you will wash her clothes as well."
"May be."
"And you will press her legs when she is tired.", he said laughing at my foolishness.
"Whats wrong with that?", I asked unperturbed and with childish keenness.
He started banging the table.
"Hey Pradsad, hey devi, come here and listen what Parikh is saying." He called his mates and briefed them about our little conversation. They started laughing at and mocking me.
When you are surrendered by guys who would ridicule your every word spoken, you should keep your notions to yourself. That is the best defence. But oversmartness got me then and I thought I should try to reason with them.
"Bhai logo, both of them work at the same position, earn the same...whats wrong with the guy picking the girl's plate once."
And there was more laughter, more jokes on me.

I have played this conversation many times in my mind and it has always brought a smile on my face. Partly because of the musical and rustic Bihari tone of his, but mostly becuase all the time when they were laughing at me, I was laughing proudly at their prejudice.

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