Who's the man!

I just completed 23 years of my life. And I don't shave yet. Or drink beer.
Infact, no booze, no weeds, no fags, no shags for me. No affairs. No eve-teasing.
And believe me if you will, never went to some busy mall with friends and ogled girls.
Never ever had long hair!
No brawls or fist fights.
Had a few minor screw-ups but nothing I can boast about.
I don't use foul words(?)...atleast not in hindi.
Have absolutely no interest in bikes.
And I don't like porn much.
I guess I could blame it on my frustratingly passive hormones or on my highly oppresive superego...but it din't feel like 'man' on the night i completed 23. I tried to hypnotize myself all night in front of mirror by repeating, "24th running. U r the man now!" But it failed everytime i noticed my slim, feather-weight body or my pubic moustache or clean chest.
I woke up early the next day with a call from home. It was my mom with all her love and pride, "Happy twenty third Birth Day baby. Oouuui..my baby is a man now!"
Yeah! Now it felt like a man.

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