Divine Revealations! -3

You are not beautiful. I might look rude but I don' say it just like that. I know what beautiful is.
Vast blue ocean
or mountain lakes;
morning dew
or snow flakes;
architecture of bugs;
the glides of birds;
all the life under sea
(though seen only on TV);
whispers and screams
of adolescent streams;
symetries in flowers;
cascadian showers;
sun in winter noons;
unobscured night moons;
boobs- small or big
of topless chicks;
the tiny fists of tiny infants
(and their peculiar scents);
some songs; some lyrics;
some equations of physics;
some paradoxes; some quotes;
some math-proofs some wizards wrote;
of course, Dada's drives and Dada's slogs;
my perfect defences on swinging balls;
You see why you are not beautiful. Beautiful is commonplace.
And you are unique, most wonderful, and beyond comparision.
You can not be beautiful. You are an idea...of ideal. Idol. I got the word.
You are 'God'.

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