The beauty and the beast. And me.

I am not so much nervous around women, specially not when I lack intentions.
But after a year long stay at a place where you don't get to see any woman between 14 to 40, even the prospects of talking to a girl were shaking me like a leaf.
There was this meeting with a girl regarding some project we were going to work on. So I bathed twice that day. Dressed neatly. Rehearsed my selected impromptu jokes. And combed untill I felt good to go.
She was waiting for me. We exchanged a few smiles and pleasantries, and selected a comfortable looking sofa to sit on. My nerves were just begining to settle when a voice was heard.
A man was asking her, "Ye aapke chote bhai hai kya?".
F***er! Where the hell did you drop from!
"No", she replied tersely and ignored him.
Now he turns to me and says with a bit of surprise on his face, "Aap inke chote bhai nahi hai!"
I might have felt like punching him right on his nose but there were these subconcious alerts buzzing loudly inside my skull- She is watching you. Judging you. First impression...last impression.
"No. I work here.", I said very, very respectfully.
Ab chup rehna bhai, whoever you are. Don't ruin this anymore.
"Yahan! Is company mein! Aap Executive hain!"
"Yeah, I know...chehre se lagta nahi hai." I said with a smile and quickly involved her into a conversation so that he may not trouble us again. And he didn't...for the next few minutes.
It is okay. I can handle this from here. So what if my childish appearance has been highlighted, I still have my impromptu jokes with me.
"Aapki Age kitni hogi?" Devils had sent him.
"Taiees. Twenty Three.", I said curtly and stared long and hard at the black of his eyes, making sure that the message was sent clear- One more word dude and I am going to eat you up. Raw.
Thankfully he left the room and allowed us to talk peacefully thereafter.
I returned to my room after about a half an hour and decided to wipe off the man from my mental tapes a.s.a.p. You might have ruined it in actuality but you can not spoil it in my memory. I tried hard to remove his parts but couldn't. In fact, I discovered to my horror that all I could remember of the evening was Him! Such was the impact.

It wasn't all that important...the meeting, the impression and all; I wasn't trying to woo that girl afterall.
Still, it mattered.

And that is why I ask her, through this post, Was it really as bad as I think it was???


  1. arre parekh bachcha hi reh gaya...executive kid!!!...but ur writing is great..great flow great humor..and honestly, if the girl was good, i would love to be THAT man...just to ruin it for u,,,ha ha ha

  2. She Is pretty.
    and i know u wld!

  3. Thumbs up for the writing... ++ for what happened.

  4. I hope she wud read this and may be next time these unwanted persons won't matter to u much...:P

  5. ..hats off to ur writing ,bt i was searching her name.

  6. Well, if I was the girl, THAT man wouldn't really matter at all ;p :))

    Nice piece

  7. HaHahAhAhAhhahahahhah...
    ok wait a min....ummm...


  8. The question is not what you look at, but what you see.

  9. parikh..cp ko is se koi matlab nahi ki tere saath kya hua,just tell him the name of that grll!!! :)rest he'll do... either for u or for himself.. :)

  10. thanx guys for appreciating the post.

    this goes as my fav comment all time. :)

  11. I really enjoy your writing stylings and readerich. You seem like a very interesting individual. Props to your blogging skills.

    PS. Thanks for the advice you gave me at the beginning of this year!

  12. so moral is always put your executive helmet on your head and arrange a king size identity card
    boldly written
    NTPC ENGINNER!!!!!!!

  13. Aapki Age kitni hogi?" Devils had sent him

    this ws promt n gr8..
    i loved the line ...n the humour in it :)
    one line that makes it gr8 fr m...

  14. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!


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