Knowing a lot about

Browsing through my uncle's library I got hold of a book which startled me.
"Wisdom of crowds? wtf! Crowds are stupid.", I exclaimed to myself.
Obviously, crowds Are stupid. History is replete with examples. There are explainations for it- scientific, psychological, philosphical. I knew them. I agreed with them. This was one of those things I couldn't be more sure of.
Pointing at the book with a half-suspicious-half-curious look I said to him, "I thought crowds were stupid" Why would he buy something like this!
"Right, Right", he said widening his eyes and nodding his head in excitement,"that is why we should read him, he is saying something contrary to our opinion."
His answer made me still for a moment. My instincts were to argue, refute and ridicule the concept, where as he was actually trying to listen.
It was a small incident but a significant one. It reminds me to be open minded, to be curious and inquisitive...more so on matters that I think I already know a lot about.

P.S. Turns out I confused "Groups" with "Crowds"...still who thinks Crowds can be wise.

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