Divine Revealations!

I have seen God. Many, many times. And sometimes, we have chatted too.
Its true. I am not asking you to believe for I am a sceptic myself..and as such an atheist too.
If only i had not tried to understand and rationalise the experience I would have been much closer to God by now. All i have learned from my enquiry is that doubts or explainations cannot belie the experience.
And the experience is pure awesomeness! Time slows down. Things go in the background and fade away. Thoughts don't pop-up. There is nothing more you wish for. Its like being almost dead and most alive at the same moment.
The converstaions, ofcourse, haven't been that rich. You are so dumbstruck and stupified with joy that the few words and acts that occur are only non-volitional reactions. And mostly unintelligent. My impressions are bad, I know. God doesn't think i am smart or matured or worth it but what do i do? I am capable of only witnessing and revering the height of quality, ...the Godness of her existance.
My friends say I have been very stupid and sissy. But you tell me, How could have I dared to ask her out?

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