Shit helped.

I stepped on shit. And that brought me back to where I was.
The track around the stadium that I usually take for jogging was spoiled that day. I had decided to try a new one that diverts from the old comfortable one after a few hundred metres but I guess I got so consumed with all the pointless stories in my head, that I completely forgot to take the turn.
As I searched for a big rock with a big edge to rub my shoe sole against, I looked back at the road I just traversed. There was more than a half-a-kilometer track that I don't remember jogging on! It feels strange- not remembering how you came to where you are. I din't choose the same old track again and yet it is not choosing precisely that got me here. I din't turn alright but I should have avoided the shit...atleast I should have seen myself stepping on it! Where was I then!
Not tomorrow, I promised. Not Tomorrow.

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