Dear fellow Earthians

Dear fellow Earthians

I have grown sick and tired of you. I will be leaving this planet soon for a one far off. Please do not mourn my demise. The body is but an illusion and death a journey through the interstellar space, the fastest means to do so.

Obviously you are going to miss me. Without my able guidance and love you are going to feel orphaned, and you have every right to feel so, but you leave me with little choice.

I came here and stooped down to your level so that we may rise together and reach new heights but you showed little progress in all this time.

I had asked you to observe and wonder but you were too busy with nit picking those days. Then I tried to evolve you by making you believers but you turned into religious fanatic always on the look for females from other faiths. I asked you to start thinking for yourselves, and you started to think only about yourselves. When I helped you realise your creative potential, you endlessly created the two things that now are root of all of your concerns- bombs and babies. And now that I ask you to watch your thoughts and quieten your mind, you show me the finger. I mean, seriously, fuck you guys.

Despite your poor response I know it’s not right to leave you folks in the middle, after all I am breaching the contract I signed with the Universe but then I have just been granted the tourist permit and it’s every saint’s dream to spend a few life times in Utopo.

Utopo, the fourth planet of an unnamed double star, is resided by the most evolved sentient beings in all of the blue-planets so far discovered.

The Utopons never fight or complain, even the babies don’t whine, not even for breast milk. They have no governments, armies or religions, and have very few laws as most beings are conscious enough to oversee themselves. They are fond of sports and sex, but they do it only for fun. They are creative beings too, and they create with a foresight; they created birth control pills much before they invented wooden wheels.

But the best thing about Utopo is that it is a special zone; it does not really come under the jurisdiction of the Universe or the God. The rules and conditions are minimum and you are not assigned any purpose when you are born there nor are you supposed to create one for yourself.

I yearn for some freedom now after the tireless thankless job I did on you for ages. But I am not leaving you on the mercy of Fate; he is coming with me to Utopo. I am leaving you guys at your own mercy.

You have the power and the responsibility to choose your destiny from here. You have been guided enough and goaded enough, and now if you find yourself incapable of facing the challenges, and knowing you closely I am sure you will, pray to God. May be, some one will come soon to fill in for me.

Your Guardian Angel

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