Our eyes met. They had to; she was sitting directly opposite to me, facing me. And thus began the game.

Stadium: Four Seasons, Jaipur

Conditions: Extremely tough. She was with her family and I was with mine.

Team Morale: Low. No prior experience of eyeballing.

Opposition: Pretty but looked bored.

First Half:
I looked at her, gently and appreciatively. She looked back, blank.
I looked at her. She looked back.
I smiled faintly. She scanned me.
A glance. A glimpse.
Ping. Pong.
A long rally built morsel by morsel.

Second Half:
Complete change of play.
Tantrums and display.
I looked. She ignored.
I looked. She was laughing gracefully at some joke.
I looked. She was adjusting her hair that fell on her face.
I looked. She was looking everywhere but at me.
Then, a furtive glance. The game was pretty much on.

Injury Time:
No shots on target. When the food is over and the bill is awaited people at your table tend to talk to you. Whistle was about to be blown and I was yet to score. I just went to the washroom.

There she was on my way back...looking at me. She was in good mood.
I smiled and looked at her as I first did, gently and appreciatively.
She saw. Did not react. She logged it.

Almost a dream debut. Lot to take along with.

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