They don't belong

Two guys were coming towards me, waving. They carried big, friendly smiles and seemed very happy to see me, so I looked away. It won't be easy to escape from them.
There are those of them who take to terraces and balconies of their houses & there are those who would go for half occupied park benches in evenings(and would carry a newspaper and a wristwatch). Those of them are innocuous.
These guys were amongst the bolder ones, the more open ones- they accost.
'Hi! How have you been?', they asked me very warmly. Thats how they start, they ask an easy to answer question.('Whats the time, Sir?', if they don't know you.)
'Good.', I replied tersely. I wasn't going to give in so easily.
'Thats great!', one of them exclaimed and then looked at the other one, 'In fact, he looks perfectly fit and happy, doesn't he?'
'Of course he does.', the other guy went on to explain how my great character, good habits, life principles and work ethics help me be perfectly fit and happy. When he stopped both of them looked at me with anticipating eyes.
They love talking about you and they can listen for hours if you want to talk about yourself too. I was quite tempted but it wasn't the time to make mistakes. I did not utter a word.
A small silence ensued and I thought I would have my chance soon but they weren't going to give in so easily either, 'Did you hear about...' They started telling me about a totally unimportant & irrelevant event that had happened a fortnight ago in our society. The matter was highly fascinating and they were narrating in a most masterly fashion. They are always great story-tellers, these people.(for how else will they get an audience?)
I stared down at the floor and started tapping my boots impatiently. It did not stop them from recounting the whole incident but it did make one of them say in the end what I had been waiting for, 'Hope you aren't in any hurry.'
Their soft voices clearly indicated that all they wanted was a few minutes of my genuine company. I lifted my head and looked at them. There were lines of sadness marked all over their faces and in their eyes there was a mix of misery and persuasion. The kind of mix you see in dogs.
'Yeah, some urgent work.', I said hurriedly and walked off.

All the lonely people, where do they all come from?
All the lonely people, don't they know they don't belong?

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