Mentions of Manan and A New Work

- Manan reviewed by Uncle OO at Plus Minus n More. I am happy to say there are more pluses than minuses. The review notes: 
'Mohit's writing is remarkable - there is an underlying honesty and truth despite the heavy prose.' 
Here's the link to their GR review:

- An F-Page of yours truly. F-Pages are a fun thing, and I was really looking forward to answering the questions here. When I received the questionnaire though, I don't know why I assumed a somewhat grave tone. Anyhoo, here's the page profiling me: 

- A new short fiction published. Atticus Review came out with a 'Lost in Translation' issue and my short story 'Hong Kong Diary' was a part of it. By far this is not my best work. The prose should have been concise, tense... too many words, presently, conveying too little.
But I love the voice, so does the editor.

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