Questions for You on Intuition

I have almost always relied on Intuition for life decisions, and I hope I have sense and strength enough to continue to do so.
Anyhoo, I was recently asked by my uncle to send replies to some questions on the same. He feels inspired and wants to write about it. Below is his Facebook note. I urge you to read it, and answer the questions for yourself. It'd be great if some of you can share your replies with him. 
As some of you know, I’d like to start speaking again - and I’m feeling particularly inspired right now – perhaps by Sam Harris’ latest book, or perhaps by the gorgeous view here in Napa.
The topic I’m most curious about these days is best described as jumping without the rope. Some of you have had multi-hour,wine inspired debates with me about this topic over the past year…And I know I’ve sent the clip from the Dark Knight to a few of you when you've sought inspiration. For those that don’t know what I’m referring to, here’s the clip:
I remember Po Bronson saying that curiosity is a whispering from somewhere deep within your psyche that a path with meaning might lay ahead – if only you have the wisdom and courage to not sweep that curiosity under the rug.
So to that end, I would like everyone’s help. Please share with me thoughts / stories / anecdotes / philosophies that come to mind When you consider the following questions:
1. Have you ever jumped without the rope? what was the circumstance? What was your rope? What motivated you to jump? How did things turn out?
2. What chasm are you most curious about jumping these days? What holds you back? Fear? Guilt?
3. Is there a time in your life that you followed a deep curiosity or intuition, towards disastrous ends? Or a successful end?
4.Have you ever held back on taking a risk, exploring something new, launching a new venture, because of what the crowd/culture/family had to say – and been happy with your decision? In other words, tell me about experiences where deferring to the crowd worked out for the better.
5. How do you know when to trust your feelings, and when to defer to the path that the people around you favor? (obviously this applies only when the two are in conflict)
It goes without saying that all stories will be kept confidential – if I do indeed create a lecture or article, I promise to keep your names out of it, and alter the contents of the stories sufficiently so that your identity is not compromised. And yes, I will discuss it with you ahead of time.
Please feel free to share this, forward it, doesn’t matter. I want as much input as possible – from friends and strangers alike.
His email address is: twistdog99 [at] gmail


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