Toto-Sangam Residency Fellowship 2017

I am delighted to share the slightly belated news that I have been awarded the Toto-Sangam Residency Fellowship 2017. The residency program was open for application to all the previous finalists of the creative writing contests by TFA. Since I had won a Toto for Creative Writing (English) in 2015 I was eligible.

The applications were judged on the basis of a Statement of Purpose, a new piece of short fiction and (perhaps) writing credentials.

I am excited for the residency. Sangam House is located at Nrityagram, 40kms outside of Bengaluru. In their own words, Nrityagram (which means ‘a dance village’) is home to an Odissi gurukul, a teaching school for one of the classical dance forms of the sub-continent. Additionally, it is home to a dance repertory company that perfoms all over India as well as in other parts of the world.

Looking forward to a quiet and productive two weeks period, company of fellow writers and lots of fun.

Thank you so so much TFA!

You can learn more about Sangam House here:
And about Toto Funds the Arts here:

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