The Goa Trip: Part Two

The following facts are also true but you are requested, again, to NOT form any wrong impressions. Things like these happen, when start goes wrong things go chaotic.

And as Forrest Gump preaches, "Shit Happens, Sometimes."

  • Home, Jaipur. Lost the tickets of both forward and return journey! And realised that only A DAY Before!!! Yeah, really. Searched for contacts in railways, persuaded, perspired and paid penalty. The omens were perfect!

  • Tito's, Goa. Flamboyantly dressed. Tried to catch some chick for entry, acted over smart, got warned by a heavily built rude Bouncer.

  • Banana Boat, Arabian Sea. Slipped and was being dragged forcefully by water(the boat had speed). Thanks to one of my my tripmates, my costume went off and so did my hold on the boat. There i was- almost drowned(i was wearing life jacket), almost naked(i was wearing life jacket), and almost abandoned abt 600 mtrs from the shore.

  • Chaircar. Begged to a 5th grade cute little Mumbai girl for mercy. The fault was entirely mine, I had tried to give her some Gyan. By the by, she was very sharp, best wishes to her.

  • Roadside, Mumabi. Eyes shined widely on seeing some very rare direly wanted books. Bargained so badly that almost shown finger. Sadly, no deal.

  • Outside Military quarters, Mumbai. Roaming late at night(only 2230 hrs) in restricted area(only military area). Enquired by an army man on stroll. Identity verified. No big deal.

P.S.: Though not expected then, I have totally overcome the trip...overcome all shocks and obsessions. Back to Decency now(that does not necessarily mean it was absent then).

I have enjoyed the trip more in memory than in action. It happens when you presuppose an event, you form images of the things to come and feel not-in-now and not-so-happy when things go otherwise.

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