The Goa Trip- one hell of a trip!

My idea behind Goa Trip was a few days of undisturbed freedom which would help me in philosophizing a few pending issues and in spiritual growth. I had imagined myself basking on beach whole day with a notepad in one hand and a pencil in other.

But Little did I know!

  • Day 1. CULTURE SHOCK!!! Pubs, babes, tattoos...Indians in minority! loads and loads of Babes! shacks, sports bars, himym milieu...and Lord! Hot and sizzling and mind boggling BAIYBES.

  • Day 2. By noon, an appreciation for white skin. Not over from the culture shock yet. By evening, an attraction towards white skin.

  • Day 3. An OBSESSION for white skin. The 'Topless Beach' fell straight from the heavens to be discovered and ravaged by the chosen few. No ravaging done however.

  • Day 4. Bye, Bye Goa. No overcoming from Culture Shock.

  • Day 5. Matheran. Calm, Serene and Raw. Only Indians here but still obsessed by the good old bikini clad freely wandering perfectly curling white skins.

  • Day 6. A Gaming store. Seven up, faces down. Good at Maths != Good at Gambling. Highly indebted to friends.

  • Day 7. Mumbai. Books of wisdom purchased. Vows taken for no more adventures. Vows broken...we ended happy and gay.

  • Day 8. Donnowhere. Reflection on past few days. Train stops with a jerk...another shock, coffee spills, head bangs and swells . Perfect ending.

P.S. The facts are true to the best of my knowledge but your inferences might be false. I absolutely DID NOT foray beyond my moral boundaries(and they are very short).
I always say that I am modern, broad-minded and not influenced by my culture at all but I realised after this trip its one thing to Talk the Talk and quite another to WALK it.
The trip as such wasn't a total failure, I had gone to Goa for a short quantum leap in my personal development...and Boy! I sure did take a leap.

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