The Secret

Bathing Is Magical.
When I would be on my deathbed, drawing my last breaths...these would be final words for posterity, for men reveal the most obscured secrets when the curtains of their lives are falling. And I, a man of knowledge and wisdom, will sure have a lot to reval but nothing would be as significant and as mysterious as this- Bathing Is Magical.
This secret, like all secrets of nature, becomes obvious once man opens the eyes of his mind to it. Until then, he remains blinded; he looks but doesn't see it. Hundreds of millions of men- rich and poor, young and old, religiously bathe daily, some more than once yet they fail to see the magic- so obscured it is.
Why, even I, a seeker of truths who has seen twenty three summers in his life and (it won't be preposterous to say that)has had quite a few baths in this time, was mysteriously unaware of this fact until recently.
This one morning, a few mornings ago, while lying on bed I felt a sudden inspiration to go to the bathroom. It may be mentioned here that I had been supine for three whole days and radical notions like those of motion do not arise in me easily.
Curiosity got hold of me and I got up and entered the place.
Memories came to me. The towel was hanging on the door knob just as I had left it a fortnight ago, the soap bathing in the overflooded soapbox, the bucket and the mug- the lovely pair was woven together by gossamer but strong threads of spider web...and there was the shower. With no forethought, I turned it on.
Water came.
Hymns and paeans have been written on Adam's ale by men in all ages. Common knowledge it is that it quenches thirst not of body alone but of mind and of soul too. Yet, let this be known today that elixir it is called not because it sustains life but because life sprouts and rejoices in it. The first helical forms came together and danced not because their thirsts were satiated(how ridiculous!) but because they were rejoicing in the magic of bathing.
Water came, pouring down from the pores of shower like a rain from heavens. It touched that which is immortal in me. All I could do(and all there is to do) was observe and experience the magic happening. I saw my mouth opening wide and gulping down air as the first drops of cold water fell on my body. I saw my heart beat again in delight and I saw my head turn up towards the sky, that lay hidden behind the roof of the floor above. I even saw the dead cells washing away and taking away with them the dirt and the stink and the sensations of itching.
I felt feather-weighted. The skin was soft, smooth and almost fair. I was glowing, and it occured to me that I might be made of light.
I felt fresh, light, decontaminated and...energetic. Life was suddenly worth living. There were things to do- mountains to climb and oceans to sail across and women to make love to.
I stepped out of my room and climbed stairs three at a time to reach the terrace. From there I was able to see man clearly in the morning sun- a filthy, ignorant, lowly creature with no purpose in life. I abused him and sermonized, "Listen you O scums of the earth, shed your torpor. Go take a bath and discover that life is meant to do great things and discover that all that you need to accomplish, life provides. Go and shut youself in bathroom and pour buckets of water over yourself until the truth be known to you."
I shouted at the top of my voice, for what is required to wake up man from his deepest slumber, but a good bath and a pep-talk.
It had no effect, however. They carried on like they always had been(such is man), but why would I care?
I had many mountains to climb, and the five oceans to sail across and women to make passionate love to.

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