Alright. So. A declaration. I am making a movie.

Phew! It helps to get that out. The script is under process. Frankly, script is not too much of a concern, the kind of movie we have in mind. Real people, real conversations, no music, little drama, documentation, found footage (maybe), no background music, no nothing. Story is important though: we have to be aware constantly of what we are trying to do, show and there have to be some central characters for the audience to relate to. That's what I am exploring on pages presently. A trip to the location is long overdue. Going as soon as I get well (just a bit of cough and cold and fever and rounds to a dentist these days). Can't wait for it.

Saw Apoorv's camera and stuff. Pity could not just go out and shoot on the roads of Jaipur. Will do that too, soon. I am glad of his new found inspiration in Abbas Kiarostami. He and I both need to stop watching studio movies. Which means no Hollywood and Bollywood and anything that screens on a Friday effectively. I am going to watch The Clerks again. And The Clerks 2. And The Snowball Effect - the movie about making of The Clerks (yet to find it online).

My biggest doubts since I first blurted out the idea: 1) Is my intention for this project right? 2) Having known the level and amount of commitment required in my last project, am I ready for this one?
Haven't been able to reflect. Maybe these posts will help. 

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