The Mcleod Project

The movie is based in, and about, Mcleodganj. Who is our principal character? Mcleodganj. The place. I am inspired by my own curiosity since I can't find a way to place this place in my head. How do you understand it beside as a Tibetan settlement? Hundreds of questions really, thousands of curious observations. And there are no simple answers. The movie has to be made. Has to be made. Has to be made. It just cannot be ignored - the itch that I have.

Did not watch El Mariachi today. Spent a major portion of the day reading Castaneda's Fire From Within on a park bench. Played volleyball with random strangers. One area where I waste a lot of time, and so can retrieve a lot of time from, is web surfing. Makes you think you are working but you are not.
Will be more mindful of that moving forward.

About the movie. Some more work on the central protagonists. Looks like we will need 6-7 proper actors. Or people who can pass for proper actors. Wherefrom?
Time will tell. 

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