I like Sakaal Times' review of Manan

'Manan by Mohit Parikh is a charming story based in the late ’90s. The protagonist Manan is a teenager who is just getting acquainted with puberty. He cannot wait to grow up.

The story takes you through the everyday life of the 10th grader. The lectures in school, the street food outside school, friendship and all other nuances of a teenager’s life – Manan has it all to take you on a nostalgic ride. For a debutant, Mohit displays some noteworthy detailing skills and that makes it very easy for you to put yourself in Manan’s shoes and get lost in his train of thought.

However, it is also a slow-paced and over-detailed tale that does not specifically stress on the ‘story’ aspect. It focuses more on the literary brilliance of the author. For readers who are used to fast-paced thrillers or popular genres, Manan will prove to be a monotonous read. But for those who do not mind a light read and enjoy the small things in a story, it may bring a smile on their lips, once in a while.

Where the author scores is in his portrayal of characters. All of them have been etched with absolute clarity. The book doesn’t challenge the readers’ imagination much but makes them empathise with the characters. Since everything is viewed from a teenager’s perspective, it provides a fresh and simple approach. There are times when Manan’s thoughts almost coincide with the 15-year-old in you.

Overall, Manan is a light read for those who prefer a small afternoon or bedtime read sans drama and unnecessary anticipation.'


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