Review of Manan in The Sunday Tribune

"GROWING pains of an adolescent boy is the subject of Mohit Parikh's Manan. For a boy who harbours an inferiority complex for being short, the onset of puberty is like the trump card that will set his game right. Jubilant as the first signs greet him, he awaits with unabated breath the signs of growing up, changing voice and all other things that come with puberty. Mohit Parikh has been published in Identity Theory, Out of Print Magazine, Burrow Press Review and The Bombay Literary Magazine, among others and Manan is his first book. The book paints a vivid picture of the average Indian home, with the dynamics of husband-wife relationship, sibling chemistry and the toll that the very suggestion of a love marriage can take, pitched against a backdrop of a boy's wait at the precipice of manhood. From the inane jokes that Manan, the protagonist, shares with his friends, to his imagination that runs riot, there is a lot to keep you very engrossed."

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