- Just finished watching Boyhood. I had it on my hard disk for  - what ? - a year now? I was once in the multiplex where it was playing... and I saw some shitty movie instead. Couldn't find the courage to watch Boyhood until now. Linklater is my favorite director (along with Bergman), he is one of those successful people I love, and what if I disliked the movie? The movie won almost universally acclaim. All the more reasons to be on alert, I thought. Such high expectations, it was certain to disappoint the real fans.
 Disappoint it didn't. Far from it. I am overwhelmed. I got a call from a friend in the middle of the movie and I couldn't find my voice (not kidding).
The movie doesn't surprise me. There is nothing new Linklater says (except maybe on Facebook, which again isn't surprising ;)
The movie is just affirming for a seeker, for a drifter, that I have been for years. And as an artist, it is another important passage in the manifesto that is Linklater's oeuvre.*

- Seize the moment. That's a bit pompous, isn't it? The moment seizes us. Yeah, that sounds better. That sounds like a fact. 

- I was supposed to write today. And edit! Damn! But I won't let any guilt form. Boyhood was worth it.
It has inspired.

*That sentence is so BS-ish. Too sleepy to set it straight.  

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