Reading to restore sanity

- Read 'Real India' by Srinath Perur. 'Real India' is the penultimate essay of his excellent debut book in which he travels with SRISTI and NIF crew on a Shodh Yatra through 7 villages of Madhya Pradesh. The piece is just as lovely as the others.
I wish the book wouldn't end. There is so much to learn about writing from his non-fiction. I admire his thoroughness. I admire his even tone. The subtle, intelligent humor - I wish I had the courage to execute that.
Would love to write a review of the book, even as I detest writing reviews. (I detest writing reviews because I am ignorant of literature and can never see a book in a particular context or as part of a larger movement.)

- A jolly good news! One of my memoir pieces got short-listed by a very reputed print magazine. They have sent some edits and suggestions. I need to revise and resend. Tomorrow I shall do that.
Fingers crossed!

- Sometimes you read just to restore your sanity. A weekday; busy people; an ever growing list of pending to-dos; traffic... there is little space for your being.
I need to restore my sanity. I need to read some classic fiction. A Turgenev story? 

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